Tennis Adventure

Tennis Adventure is an enrichment program for teens that brings them on a cultural and tennis journey to Africa and Europe.  The goal is as much to introduce them to international tennis as it is to spark their curiosity in our planet and inspire them to explore it.


Players may choose to participate in customized tennis clinics in Morocco, compete in tournaments in France (towards the end of which they will get French ranking), or do both.  No matter which destination they choose, they will benefit from cultural exposure, experiential learning and empowering experiences.

argan-eating goats




June – July 2020

Visit two continents, explore two countries and discover two ancient cultures on this event-packed adventure to France and Morocco.  You will experience the magnificence of Paris, surf and train on red clay courts of Agadir, watch snake charmers in Marrakesh and stargaze in the Sahara desert.



July 2020

Spend two amazing weeks in France – country of love, art, gastronomy… and tennis!  Explore and admire the splendor of Paris before traveling to Nîmes in the South of France for a week-long tournament.  Discover the ancient Roman city, play 2 daily matches, and go back with your very own French rating.


red clay courts Agadir


June – July 2020

Want to experience it all?  Join us on an amazing Morocco adventure and get in tip-top tennis shape in Agadir before you plunge into the intense tournament experience in Nimes.  Eat frog legs, ride camels, surf – do it all!  The world is your oyster.