Kenzi Solazur — Your Perfect Hub in Tangier & Northwestern Morocco

The Perfect Hub

Kenzi Solazur is the perfect hub for exploring Tangier & the northwestern corner of Morocco

There are numerous coastal villages & towns on the Atlantic and the Med sides of Tangier, which are absolutely worth a visit.  Many of them are less than 50km away from the city, making them perfect one-day destinations.  We stayed for 3 days, which gave us enough time to explore Tangier & Tetouan, lounge on Achakkar beach and get a taste of Martil, M’Diq & Findeq.

Inside Kenzi Solazur

Kenzi Solazur sits right in the center of Tangier’s beach promenade, within the walking distance or a short ride from the Medina, the souk, the port, grand taxi & train stations and other points of interest.  It is one of the biggest hotels in Tangier, with 8 conference rooms, a business center, 3 restaurants, a full-service spa, an outdoors swimming pool, a cocktail bar and a nightclub.

Elegant and perfectly located, Kenzi Solazur is ideal for holiday and business travel.

Rooms @ Kenzi Solazur

Few things beat a good latte & a gorgeous view the first thing in the morning.  At Kenzi, you wake up to glorious views of the Bay of Tangier & the Mediterranean coast, and on clear days – Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar.  Rooms are spacious and sunny, with good WiFi connection, which make you want to linger a bit longer and get some work done here before heading for breakfast.

Restaurants @ Kenzi Solazur


Breakfast is served at Le Grand Buffet, which is also open for dinner.  The buffet is a mix of traditional breakfast foods: scrambled eggs, freshly pressed orange juice & fresh pastries along with Moroccan delicacies: spicy merguez, delicious amlou and regional pancakes.  Coffee is best at the Piano Bar next to the Buffet.


Al Jawhara offers a variety of typical Moroccan dishes and local wines.  Dimmed lights and live Maghribi music create a cozy and romantic atmosphere. The service is excellent, and if you are new to Moroccan cuisine, this is a great starting point.


Relais de Paris is an upscale Parisian brasserie and my personal favorite at Kenzi.  The restaurant, which has been hugely successful in 18 countries, is particularly famous for its signature secret sauce – a combination of 18 spices and 5 ingredients.  Every dish we tried, starting from home-made Foie Gras to perfectly cooked sirloin with crisp fries & side vegetable to caramel-glazed apple pie was absolutely amazing!  We also enjoyed the great service and ambiance.  It is apparent that the restaurant is very well managed and has a dedicated team of chefs, servers and kitchen staff who take pride in their work.

Even if you are not staying at Kenzi, this is the place you’ll want to visit.

The Pool @ Kenzi Solazur

Although the Bay of Tangier has a string of beautiful white sand beaches and is loved by the locals, it is not ideal for sun-loving female travelers, unless you are prepared to deal with nonstop unwanted attention.  That’s why we particularly appreciated having a pool at Kenzi where we lazed after intense days of wandering and exploring.  Chill-out lounge music and cocktails from the Pool Sport Bar make this a great place to unwind and unplug.

The Spa @ Kenzi Solazur

To take your relaxation a notch further, reward yourself with a signature Moroccan experience at Solazur Spa.  

The spa offers a great Hammam + Massage combo for an equivalent of $35, which is absolutely worth it!  You can also choose from a range of detoxifying treatments, facial scrubs & wraps, manicures & pedicures.  There is a traditional sauna, a gym, a relaxation room, and most importantly, fantastic staff who help transform your visit into an incredible experience!

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