Which Arabic Should You Learn? Unorthodox Advice for a Traveling Linguist

berber dress

TWO DIFFERENT LANGUAGES Before coming to Morocco, I make a point of completing the first level of Pimsleur’s Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) course. My thinking is that I want to learn the most “common” language and adjust to the local dialect when I am in the country.  After all, most...

Historic Aix – Young & Hip, Yet True to Tradition

Aix La Bravade Calendale

What's So Special About Aix? La Bravade Calendale - ancient Provençal holiday celebrating the winter solstice with traditional dance, music and street performance. It is the little things I am relishing the most while living in Aix this fall: the sounds of the markets, cathedral bells and street musicians; the smells...

Jogging to Roquefavour – world’s largest stone aqueduct

Roquefavour – world’s largest stone aqueduct

VENTABREN By the end of week three of pigging out on delicious saucisson, chevre, patisserie, and famous chocolate from Purrycard paired with excellent Provence wine, I’m feeling heavy and bloated. Back home, I make an effort to work out, eat healthy and control my sugar intake. Not here. Feeling a bit...