Fly Like James Bond

fly like james bond in gyrocopter

Ever wished you could fly like James Bond in his Little Nellie gyrocopter? Guess what...? You can! I flew one as part of my disaster response training in France, but there are flight schools in the US (and many more in Europe) that offer gyrocopter training and discovery flights. WHAT'S...

Training with ELISA

Gyrosopter flights in the South of France

LIGHT AIRBORNE EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM I come back from my first weekend of training with ELISA Medicoptere – a one-of-a-kind NGO specializing in emergency medical air missions worldwide. ELISA stands for Equipe Légère d’Intervention de Secours Aéroportée (Light Airborne Emergency Response Team), and Medicoptere is a contraction of medical and...